Americas Army Proving Grounds (AAPG) „Bridge“ -Landmarks- (english)


Americas Army Proving Grounds – Map: Bridge

In order to function as a team in this game, it is necessary to coordinate landmarks with each other and to clearly name them.

For the map „Bridge“ of the tactical shooter „Americas Army Proving Grounds“, this video shows the most frequently used names for landmarks, to name places and to report the position of opponents to each other.

These terms are used on many servers and by some players, but are not universal and can vary. Teamwork is supported by clear designations, in the game we can talk to each other and should use that.

Mostly English is spoken and used in the text and voice chats. Depending on the operators of the servers, other languages are also spoken.

This video should help you to orientate yourself on the map „Bridge“ – of course you should lean on the game of your fellow players.

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